Garage Door Replacement Cost: How to Lower It

Garage Door Replacement is not an inexpensive endeavor. Garage Door Replacement is costly because it involves mechanical labor. Garage Door Replacement can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the type of garage doors and their age and repair history. Garage Door Repair is expensive because it involves more than just replacing the springs and hinges – there are several other components that must be replaced, such as rollers, tracks, hinges, tension springs, torsion springs and the garage door opener itself.

Garage Door Replacement costs vary depending on the brand and quality of the garage door springs. Full replacement prices run about $600 to several thousand dollars. If you use your original opener or rails, you may save some extra money. The following chart details the individual costs of each product.

R-value: A car garage door replacement is judged on its R-value, which is an indication of the garage door spring’s tensile strength. The higher the R-value, the sturdier the spring. For example, the door that rolls up into a “T” shape with two metal plates has a greater R-value than the one that rolls up into a U-shape with one plate.

Garage Opener Installation: Garage Opener installation is another part of Garage Door Replacement that can be costly. Most manufacturers recommend that you have professional install the garage door springs. This is because torsion springs can be dangerous if they are installed by non-trained hands. If you do decide to install your own garage door springs, you will need to make sure you have the proper safety equipment and practice utmost caution.

Garage Door Replacement Cost: Garage Door Replacement costs vary depending on the type of opener you get and the complexity of installation. It is important to note that the price of a garage door replacement does not include the cost of garage door springs. Garage door springs are also sold separately. Garage door opener complexity also has a direct impact on garage door replacement costs. Simple models that do not require much labor are usually less expensive.

Garage Door Repair Cost: Garage Door Replacement costs can be significantly reduced if you choose to replace your garage door opener with a better model. Garage door opener repair costs can also depend on the type of door panel that you get. Garage door panel materials and styles are available in hardware stores and online. Garage door panel repair costs can be significantly reduced if you choose to replace your garage door opener with a better model.

Garage Door Replacement Cost: You can cut down on repair costs by choosing to install a better model in the first place. Sometimes, it is best to simply repair minor damages instead of replacing the entire garage door panel. There are many types of garage door panel repair available in hardware stores and other online resources. Simple damages such as cracks, punctures and dents can be repaired rather than replaced. You can even do it yourself if you have access to the correct tools and materials.

Installing Brand New Garage Door Panels: Even when your existing garage door panels need repairs, it is often possible to get them repaired and look as good as new. If you cannot afford to pay the whole amount upfront, you can always try to fix minor damages and then paint the damaged areas to make them appear as good as new. This way, you will not only get your money’s worth but also make the damage look like brand new. If you are not confident about painting the panels, you can always contact a garage door panel repair company for expert help. They will be able to give you the advice and tips that will help you select the right material to be used in your repairs.