3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Appliance Company

Heavy item movers can safely move Appliance Movers without damaging them in any way. Search for commercial appliance movers that:

Hire experienced appliance movers that: Have a good reputation. Move your appliances with safety precautions in mind. Keep all appliances in good condition. Ask about the kind of machinery used by the moving company that carries out remodeling projects like new home construction.

Moving companies may use specialized moving services for commercial and residential projects to move Appliance Movers. These specialized moving services include refrigerator transfer, freezer transfer, and commercial oven transfer. The refrigerators, freezers, and ovens are often heavy items. Moving companies may also use special equipment to move heavy appliances such as convection ovens and food grills.

When moving appliances to a new home, ask about the appliances being moved. Do the appliances have all their wiring intact? Are there damaged wires or other plumbing issues? Specialized moving appliances such as computers and televisions sometimes require special wiring. Find out if the moving appliance movers will disconnect the water from the new home’s plumbing before the appliance is removed.

How will the appliance be packed? Is the moving truck or van equipped for moving large appliances? A reputable moving company should be able to provide satisfactory answers to these questions. Will the company utilize specialized moving boxes or bins? Will the company to remove all the appliances in one trip or will they bring them in separately?

When hiring appliance movers, it pays to ask about the type of trailer used. Whether the appliances are large or small, many companies rent mobile trailers that have special moving tools on board. The professionals will load the appliances onto the trailer with a dolly. Then they attach straps to help lift the appliances and place them in the trailer.

What are the moving expenses? Appliance moving services usually charge an additional fee for shipping supplies and fuel surcharges. Additionally, some companies may charge a fee for the delivery of damaged appliances. For professional movers, these fees are standard, but for most companies the price of transporting appliances is a factor in their overall pricing structure. You can expect your moving appliances to arrive in good, working order, but you should investigate hidden fees to avoid overpaying.

Ask the moving companies what insurance they carry. The best moving companies provide coverage for all the appliances and all the material handling in the process. If you have special items such as jewelry that requires special moving equipment, be sure to ask what types of coverage they provide. A reputable moving company should carry enough insurance to cover damage, loss, and other situations not mentioned above. If an appliance mover does not carry insurance, contact the moving alliance and request one.

Is the moving company, bonded and insured? Moving companies that operate on behalf of the Alliance of Moving Appliance Professionals (AMPP) are fully bonded and insured. They must undergo a background check with the Better Business Bureau and pass complete credit verification. Working with AMPP members means that moving appliance movers will be bonded and insured against any problems associated with their operation. As a client, you will also be given the opportunity to make sure that your possessions are kept in good condition.