How to Lockout Your Car During an Emergency

If you’ve ever had to lock out your car during an emergency, you know how frustrating it can be. The sudden temperature increase in a locked vehicle can rise to dangerous levels within a matter of seconds, and immediate action is needed. There are two common types of emergencies that require locking the doors: the automatic locking system (locks the doors with no outside key) and the keyless entry system (when the car is parked, the doors can be manually locked and unlocked by pulling out the key). Here is what to do when you’re experiencing either type of emergency.

Emergency lockout

If you have an automatic locking system in your car, call 911 immediately. Once the first responders arrive, they will check the interior of your car to see if you are inside. If they cannot find you inside, they’ll open your trunk to make sure that you are still inside your car. If they cannot open your trunk, they’ll try the window to see if the window is cracked or if you are inside the car. In all cases, you need to be found before the police arrive. Make sure the authorities are aware that there is an emergency occurring in order for them to arrive quickly and for you to be taken to the hospital safely. In most cases, a tow truck will come and pick up your vehicle from the police department.

If you have a keyless entry system on your car, you will need to unlock the car and lock the doors manually. To do this, you will need to remove your keys from the car. Once you are inside, close the windows and turn on your car. If the lights turn on, then you have successfully opened your car. Now, the next step involves getting into the car and finding your keys.

To do this, you will need to exit the car and open your door. In most cases, this is done by pushing the emergency lockout button on the key fob. Once inside the car, the emergency lockout button on the key fob can be pressed to unlock the car and get into your car. When you enter the car, you will need to get into the driver’s seat and unlock the car with the emergency key. Once you are in the driver’s seat, pull the emergency key fob out, or the emergency release button on the remote, which is located inside your car, and push it until the emergency lockout/unlock button is activated.

After the emergency release button is activated, you will need to reach down and depress the emergency release button on the remote in order to release the emergency locks. You will want to do this slowly until you feel as though you have locked the door in its tracks. You will then need to manually close your door. If the emergency release button is pressed and not released, you may need to repeat these steps until you are able to lock the door yourself.

Although these are the basic steps to perform an emergency lockout, you’ll probably find that you will need more than one or two people to help you with this. If you are trapped inside of your car, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. If you are alone, remember to keep calm and ask someone to call 911, who will arrive quickly. If the emergency lockout fails to work, do not worry.